The main objective of the Forum is to discuss the opportunities for introducing new green technologies (renewable energy, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, energy efficient technologies etc.) in the Northwestern Federal District.

The Forum has been gathering every few years since 2008. During these years the Forum’s events have taken place in the largest cities of the Northwestern Federal District: Murmansk, Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg.


The Forum’s partners include the international movement 350.org, Climate Action Network, Consulate General of Norway in St. Petersburg, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg, Russian Wind Energy Association, Association for the development of electric mobility, driverless and connected transport and infrastructure, and the «Volts Battery» company.


Henrik Foyn Skjerve
Royal Norwegian Consulate General in St. Petersburg, consul
Ivar Scheers
Netherlands consulate-general in St. Petersburg, deputy consul general
Igor Bryzgunov
Russian Association of Wind Industry, chairman
Nicolo Masia
Enel Green Power Rus, project manager
Pavel Dudkevich
Center for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency of the Leningrad Region, director
Silje Fines Wannebo
Norwegian EV Association, advisor
Christian Eriksen
The Bellona Foundation, head of policy and research
Kristian Blindheim
EnergiNorge, head of Renewable energy and transport electrification project
Vladimir Chuprov
Greenpeace of Russia, energy unit head
Iya Gordeeva
Association for the Development of Electric, Unmanned and Connected Transport and Infrastructure, chairman
Mark Preston Aragonès
Bellona Europe, policy assistant electro-mobility
Aleksandr Kiyanitsa
VOLTS Battery Ltd., CEO
Vadim Gluhih
Murmansk Region Energy Efficiency Agency, director
Yulua Menshova
Russian-German Bureau of Ecological Information, project manager
Oskar Njaa
The Bellona Foundation, general manager for international affairs
Aleksey Skorobatyuk
LLC "New Polus", CEO
Vladimir Sidorovich
LLC Information and analytical center "New energy", CEO
Aleksey Zhikharev
Russia renewable energy development association, CEO
Nikolay Pitirimov
International consortium "Saint-Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for urban environment", deputy chairman of the Board of Directors
Olga Yakimenko
CJSC ICSER Leontief Centre, project manager; Green mobility, project coordinator
Ksenia Vakhrusheva
Environmental right center BELLONA, project coordinator
Mikhail Efimov
EVC Group, CEO
Anastasia Kochneva
Ecological movement "42", coordinator
Sergey Kiselev
Enel X, CEO.
Igor Shpeht
Environmentalist, creator of the real-time air quality monitoring network Nebo
Arshak Makichyan
International environmental movement "Fridays for Future", activist
Dmitry Zakarlyukin
350.org representative, climate activist, social entrepreneur
Semyon Anischenko
OJSC "Lenenergo", Deputy director on information technologies
Maksim Titov
European University at Saint-Petersburg, head of Energy policy research center
Rashid Alimov
Greenpeace Russia, head of energy program
Tatiana Shauro
Climate Action Network, communication manager
Svitlana Romanko
EECCA Managing Director at 350.org
Andrey Temerov
Association of Renewable Energy specialists «Green Kilowatt», chairman; LLC Altenergy, CEO
Roman Botygin
Head of Archangelsk «Regional center of Energy supply»
Viktor Elistratov
Scientific and Educational Center "Renewable energy sources and installations", Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, director
Marek Armulik
Elektrilevi OÜ, Sales Manager
Sergey Mayorov
Federal Institute of Industrial Property, expert on renewable energy development in regions
Roman Laletin
Foundation of Siberia Federal University, directorship member
Roeland de Rijk
RDR Consultancy (of. representative of Emergya Wind Technologies in Russia), general director
Semyon Kalmykov
The Bellona Foundation, project coordinator
Ivan Egorov
LLC “AgroBioTech”, commercial director; co-founder “NordicEcoBusinessCenter”, co-founder
Dmitriy Golovin
Schneider Electric, head of the EV Charging stations project
Evgeniy Shitikov
Movement “Green Ozersk”, coordinator
Aleksey Yuschuk
LLC “Vireo Energi” Holding company”, general director
Sergey Sheshenin
ZAO Baltic Energy Company, “Alternative energy” project manager
Mikhail Zabelin
Game coach, navigator at Metaversity
Aleksey Maslov
Gamificator, project coordinator at the Social Innovation Support Center SOL

Forum programme

Day I

25 september

09:30– 10:00


Welcome and coffee

10:00 – 10:30

Welcome speech

10:30 – 12:30

Plenary session “Russian and international experience in introducing the energy technologies of the future”

Experiences of introducing renewable energy in the Russian regions. The experiences of international companies and organisations. How to provide additional incentives for research, investments and the realization of projects on renewable energy in the regions of the Northwest District? Tools for developing renewable energy provision.

12:30 – 13:00

Coffee break

13:00 – 15:00

Round table “Getting to know the arctic territories and the special climatic and natural features of the region”

Prospects of utilising renewable energy sources in the Arctic. Reducing the negative anthropogenic impacts on the Arctic environment. The environmental policies of companies with activities in the macroregion.


Round table “Contemporary issues around the development of renewable energy in the Northwestern District”

Governmental policies in, and support for introducing renewable energy sources in the Northwestern District. Power supply in remote areas through renewable energy. The possibilities of energy provision for individual households with renewable energy. Contemporary issues around the jurisdiction, regulation and utilization of renewable energy in Russia.

15:00 – 16:00


16:00 – 17:30

Round table “Introducing and developing future transport systems and infrastructure”


What are the main trends in the electric vehicle market in Russia? What are the measures required for developing the infrastructure for electric vehicles? How to turn electric vehicles into a mass product in Russia, what is required for the introduction of charging points in every Russian region, and is it necessary? What are the possibilities for the utilization of electric buses in Russia?


Round table The decentralization of energy supply. What are the prospects?


What are the main trends in the market for electricity-saving systems? What are the risks involved in using decentralized energy-generating installations? Which solutions could be proposed for isolated locations and small settlements? Autonomic power supply and heat production in the private sector — a myth or an existing reality? Examples of successful cases.

17:30 – 18:00

Coffee break

Informal discussions and networking

18:00 – 20:00


(by invitation)

Day II

26 september

9:30 – 10:00


Welcome and coffee

10:00 – 12:00

Plenary session “Russian and International Experience of Introducing Future Energy”

12:00 – 12:30

Coffee break

12:30 – 13:30

Lecture “The past, the present and the future of renewable energy in Russia”

13:30 – 15:00

Lecture “Leadership training for ecoactivists”

15:00 – 16:00


16:00 – 18:30

Modeling game “Project”

In the course of the game, participants practice their communication skills to interact with different stakeholders and work through established stereotypes.

18:30 – 19:00

Coffee break

Informal discussions and networking.

The Bellona Foundation


Netherlands consulate-general
Norway consulate-general in St. Petersburg
Association for the Development of Electric, Unmanned and Connected Transport and infrastructure
Volts Battery Ltd
Climate Action Network EECCA
Russian Association of Wind Industry
Russian-German Bureau of Environmental Information
The energy efficiency Agency of the Murmansk region
Russian information Agency "Express-Novosti"


Location of event:
"Event center" Zastavskaya str. 31, building 2
the metro station "Moskovskie Vorota"

BELLONA's contacts:
pr. Suvorovsky 59, St. Petersburg, Russia 191015